Whether you are up to baking a cake or you are just craving to eat cookies, there are baking tools that you will require in your kitchen. You require to have the right tools for a perfect baking experience. Below is a list of some of the essential tools that you will need either for home use or if you want to start a bakery.

Rolling pin

This is one of the most useful baking tools. You will need it to roll cookie dough, piecrusts, and pastry. There are other ways you can put this tool to work around the kitchen, for example, use it to crush cookies and other cracker recipes. Its primary purpose, however, is for rolling dough and puff pastry and it is, therefore, a must-have baking tool.

Mixing bowl

You do not need to get many of them, but you will need three to four mixing bowls and make sure they are made of stainless steel for enhanced hygiene. This is where you will be mixing the flour, eggs, water, and other ingredients to get a consistent dough depending on what you are baking.

A wire whisk

This will significantly help you when using eggs. Although you can use a fork to beat eggs, a wire whisk is the best way to do it if you are beating more than five eggs. It is crafted to help by whipping air into the liquid ingredients, thus making them bubbly, which will make the rest of the mixing process much more manageable.

Measuring cups

Baking will most of the time use liquid ingredients, and you will be required to use an exact amount as indicated on the recipe for your mixture to turn out great. Measuring cups and spoons are must-haves to help you add a precise amount of each ingredient. Estimation may at times work, but it is not always accurate.

A mesh sieve

The mesh-sieve can be used for a range of things, but as a baker, it is the tool that you will need to sift dry ingredients or when adding powdered sugar to a finished pan of cookies or brownies. What is more, you can use it to drain wet ingredients such as quinoa.

Wooden spoons

You are probably wondering why you need wooden spoons and not metallic. This tool comes handy in numerous ways. The spoons are sturdy and can, therefore, be used for all kinds of stirring. You do not have to worry that they could bend or break even in the thickest of doughs.


Here you will need several types of pans. There are the brownie pans, loaf pans, round cake pans, pie pans, to mention a few. If you are starting up, you can get any of these and focus on what you love making and maybe you can later get the rest one by one.

Cookie cutters

If you are into cookies, then you know how fancy shapes can make a difference. The cookie cutters will be fun, especially if you are into art and also if you are a beginner, it is best if you start doing the early practice. Get your cookie cutters and start your journey to perfection. The cutters come as a set with different sizes which you can use to cut all types of dough such as biscuits and cookies.

Pastry brush

You will need the brush for coating the tops of your pastries either with milk or eggs. You can also use the pastry brush to grease the baking pan with melted butter uniformly.


Although this is not so much of a necessity, having a thermometer helps you ensure that you are working under the right temperature. You will be required to operate under specific temperatures between intervals of adding ingredients. A pastry thermometer makes that easier and enhances accuracy.

A wire rack

You do not want to make soggy and overbaked cakes or cookies. A wire rack will help you avoid that. It does so by letting air circulate your baked cake, cookie or biscuit among other baked products.

Your baked products are as good as your baking tools. Your investment in quality baking products will pay off from the positive compliments about your culinary skills from family and friends.

The Baking Tools Essentials

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