A small portion of consumers like to experiment with their baked goods. A lot of people like to identify with one or two places or bakers whose products they like and they stick there. This is because they trust that they will get value for their money. How do you then convince such people to try your baked goods and perhaps make your product their new favorite? For starters, you can use an exclusive offer that Cosmo has for 150 free chances to advertise your baking business. If not, here are additional tips:

1. Donate, Donate, Donate!

You can choose to be strategic about what you donate and where you donate. As a baker, you can choose to donate goods that do not cost you a lot to make. At the end of the day, your skill will still show. You don’t have to donate the most expensive cake to bake. More so, you can create your donation package in such a way that for a certain amount of goods donated, a certain amount of goods has to be bought. Where you donate also matters. Choose to donate to places where you are likely to get additional clients. Such places include birthday parties, book clubs or even Cosmo events. If donations are still too expensive for you, make use of the exclusive offer that Cosmo has for 150 free chances to advertise your baking.

2. Create a Website

A website makes it easier for people who are interested in your business to find all the services that you offer in one place. The use of photos in your website also goes a long way in attracting customers. Make sure that customers are not just reading your content but that your website is an interactive platform where the customers can ask questions and give feedback. Creating a blog that links to your website could also be a good support structure to the website. The blog can offer some of your recipes or hacks towards baking. These further increase customer interactions. You can also make use of our website where there are 150 free chances to advertise your baking business. In this Cosmo Baking exclusive offer, we list down the best ways to increase foot traffic.

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

You can use sites such as Instagram and YouTube. Instead of using your own personal account on Instagram, you can create an account named after your business. This allows you to be more professional. Make sure that the content you are putting out is of high quality and that your contact information can easily be found. You can also decide to do client servicing by featuring people who have bought your products on your page. Another additional advantage is that you can sponsor your posts so that your viewership goes up. Be sure to link your social media pages to your website. You can also decide to plug into campaigns that are already ongoing, like the exclusive offer by Cosmo to offer 150 free chances for advertisement.

4. Use Car Bumper Sticker

This is a very cost-effective method of doing marketing. Instead of paying for advertisement spaces, you can choose to use your own car and that of your workers or family. Bumper stickers are very useful because cars cover a lot of ground. You need to make sure that the details of the sticker are kept short and that your contacts can easily be seen.

5. Join Expos and Competitions

This includes events directly related to baking and those that are not. Baking and cooking competitions are a great platform to network with potential clients and advertise your products through the skills that you showcase. Examples of expos you can plug into as a baker are food expos, cake expos or even wedding expos. All you have to do is pay for a booth, a price that you can look at as an investment. Here you can also decide to give away samples or sell. Always be prepared with a business card, flyers and give away merchandise that will ensure people don’t forget you.

6. Create Strategic Partners

You can choose to partner with people or business who can include your products in whatever package they offer. Such people include event organizers, event photographers or even a local café. Cosmos can be one such partner through their exclusive offer to offer 150 free chances to advertise your baking. Such partnerships will guarantee that you always have clients since you are linked to other business and it will also increase your exposure to other markets you might not have penetrated.

7. Maximize on Your Already Existing Client Base

An easier to do your marketing would be to use the people who have already tasted your product. You should make them feel like a community. You could create a client database. With this you can be informing your clients on all the changes; whether it is a change in price, particular offers or a new baked good that you have brought on board. You can also use this database to further customize your business to your clients by doing things such as offering them discounts on their birthdays or giving them loyalty cards. This will make sure that they remain as your clients and that they tell their friends about you.

How to Advertise your Baking Business

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